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Fly Control

Of all common household and building pests, flies are among the filthiest. Research has shown that a fly can carry twice the germs and pathogens than a cockroach! Since flies are so prolific and leave germs and bacteria wherever they land, your bottom line could quickly be affected if your customers see too many of these pests. 


Flies can carry over a billion germs on the outside of their bodies and thrive in all human environments. Their propensity to feed on decaying, rotting garbage and disease-laden fecal material and then move to exposed food and preparation surfaces makes them extremely dangerous. Their ability to transmit disease, contaminate product and irritate your customers can affect your bottom line. With over 200 fly species in North America that are considered "filth" flies, you need an experienced pest control service to accurately assess the type of fly problem you have and then to determine the right course of eradication based on your business, home or building needs. Call G&G Exterminating Services to help you avoid regulatory fines and protect your business' reputation today!


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