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Termite Control

Termites are experts at tearing down the investment you've made in your home and destroying your business from the bottom up. That's why you need the experts at G&G Exterminating to provide cost-effective, quick-acting, ongoing protection to stop termite activity in its tracks, before permanent structural damage occurs.


Termites and their queens cause damage, often completely undetected, from the inside out. They feed on cellulose, which is in every item made of wood or plant based fibers, including pieces of furniture, structural timbers, doors, flooring and window trim. A 50,000 square foot space could support several termite colonies and each colony may harbor up to a million termites!


So whether you've got a large commercial structure or any size residential building, you need confidence in the pest control company you choose to work with. Serving west Georgia, Douglasville and metro Atlanta, G&G Exterminating Services will be there for you from the initial termite inspection to subsequent inspections and treatments. Give us a call today!

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