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Control the moisture, control the Pest!

Pests are believed to cause more structural damage to homes each year than fires and storms combined. There are many different breeds of pests that can damage property.

Termites consume wood for nutrition. Carpenter ants hollow out wood for living space.

Pests are especially attracted to basements and crawl spaces with with pre-existing structural and moisture problems.

By controlling the moisture that pests need to survive, through dehumidification, fewer insecticides can be used inside the home, resulting in a healthier and safer home for your family.

The top 10 common pests that can cause damage to a home are:

  • Termites

  • Carpenter Ants

  • Powder Post Beetles; A.K.A. - Powder Beetles

  • Carpet Beetles

  • Cigarette Beetles

  • Grain Weevil

  • House Mice

  • Norway Rats

All these unhealthy and damaging pests need water to survive. High humidity in the home not only provides a life-sustaining water supply for pests, but also is a "bug" invitation for colonization.

If you can control the moisture you can you control pest, mold, rot and other issues!

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